Chainlink integrates with a social network led by the pioneer of distributed computing

Revolution Populi, a social network led by David Gelernter, a futurist and pioneer of distributed computing, is integrating Chainlink (LINK) data oracles.

Revolution Populi is trying to displace Facebook by creating a social network where users can post and share information about their lives, „but advertisers pay them, not Facebook. The network is just the first of many distributed applications the company plans to launch in the near future.

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A futurist who predicted social networking and became a target of the Unabomber
The idea itself does not sound novel, as there have been quite a few projects in crypto space that have tried to return ownership of the data to the users. However, perhaps the most interesting aspect of the project is that David Gelernter serves as a visionary leader.

Gelernter became famous in the 1980s for his contributions to the field of parallel computing. Later, in 1991, he published a book „Mirror Worlds“, which foreshadowed the development of the World Wide Web, including the phenomenon of social networks. The acclaim probably attracted the unwanted attention of Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. On June 24, 1993, Gelernter was seriously injured when he opened a package full of explosives.

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The three legs of the stool
The company’s CEO, Rob Rosenthal, told Cointelegraph that the social network is just one of the three legs of the stool they are building:

„It’s bad enough they’re taking our sovereign property, selling it and keeping all the money. But there are much bigger problems as a result. I mean, it’s the public square. They control everything in this public square. As you mentioned, the data resides in their private database. […] We have a solution that we call a three-pronged approach to feces. It’s not just a social network, by the way. It’s an ecosystem.

The other two legs are the decentralized database, which will be structured as a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO, and the third leg is the data exchange or marketplace.

In the coming weeks, the company is supposed to unveil its own blockchain, which will serve as the backbone for the „stool“. Rosenthal was also quick to emphasize that Gelernter is actively involved in the company’s daily activities. In fact, he designed the user interface for the social network application.

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A new realm for Chainlink
Rosenthal believes that Chainlink integration not only provides a necessary layer to your project, but can help the Oracle provider expand their horizons:

„I think you’ve been unfairly pigeonholed and the DiFi world. I believe their technology can be extended to other projects like ours that are more broadly based and more ecosystem-based. I’ve talked to the guys, I think they’re very excited about this integration, because it takes them into another kind of realm.“

Breaking the recent trend, Revolution Populi plans to carry out an initial coin offering in the fourth quarter of 2020. Rosenthal did not want to divulge many details, but said he would be fully compliant.

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